Shine On

When you look up at the stars and see yourself shining bright
     Atwinkle and luminous in the half lunar night.
Mind wandering and weaving, flitting from passion to passion
    Dream to dream, like the sand man visiting in his midnight fashion.
What delusions we think, what visions we see
      The universe is daunting, our souls forever striving to be free.
Our eyes they wander and our lips do taste
     For evanescence is awaiting for all to finally see the delicate lace.
That lace, that dainty web we have all weaved
    These are the faults, the cracks in our ecosystem that no one will see.
For all it takes is the fire of an enchanted mind
    To see the deep intermingling of singularity between nature and mankind.
Many people wish it, many will seek it in kind
    However few will maintain it, as the powers of society unwind the mind.
They group passion with rules, a structure that binds
    To mutilate our pondering and disrupt what we find.
But those small, tiny lights, the ones seen just barely
    Are what change the whole world and bring it aglow with their rarity.
These sparks of so-called insanity of the rule breaking miscreants,
    Are what ignite the entire sky, as well as all of humanity.





Working on How…

I was asked today what my plans for the future are, what my goals are, and where I see myself. I have been asked this question an uncountable number of times without having the faintest idea. I am so a product of my creation that I always have 100 ideas of what would be very cool and what I think my goal could potentially be. Photographer, journalist, psychologist, writer, designer, researcher, etc. All which are so cool. BUT I finally realized the common theme in all of those different jobs. Being my own boss.

My parents always told me, work hard so one day you can work for yourself. 

It took me working a year at a big company, with hundreds of employees, each person assigned a very specific task, having to report to someone, and having someone disregard your ideas and opinions as unimportant, to really realize the end goal of what I want.

Today I answered the question with, “Owning my own small business. Preferably a coffee shop or a boutique. I’d like to drink coffee and design pretty things.”

So, now, if I can only get a job and move to the new city in mind, then I think I am on the right track!

XoXo – B

Just look at that….



I have the dreams and the passion, the dog, and the camera. Now I just need the money, the gear, and the final decision. AHH! Does anyone else feel overwhelmed…ALL THE TIME…by all the things that you want to do and the world tells you that you actually can do, but have no idea how to get there?

Because that’s exactly how I feel. I found this graphic online, and want it just everywhere because it speaks to my exact desire. Isn’t it perfect?

epic camera

An adventurous soul with no clue how to get there. With the camera and the passion, just confused at where to go now… 🙂

Anyone else feel this way? Maybe sometimes, maybe all the time? If you have any tips, please comment below…or just continue reading my rants on life. ❤



I Love You?

When did I even fall in love with you?

I was ready to say goodbye,

Give you the words,

To push your heart away.

But instead what happened?

I found myself laying,

In my bed in your arms,

Talking and kissing and laughing.

What in you broke my routine?

I would love for a day,

Then slowly leave their lives,

Until it was just a once upon a time memory.

Why was it different with you?

I went to dinner with a plan,

Rehearsed with my best friend,

And “I like you too” came out instead.

What is it about you?

That smile that shines,

So big and joyful,

Perfectly imperfect.

What is it about you?

Those eyes that sparkle,

With mischief and fun,

Showing your deep childlike soul.

Why is it with you?

That my fears fall away,

As if they never had existed,

That all roads are open now that you’re here.

What is it about you?

That I can feel you through my veins,

my heart,

my soul.

How is it that I can love you?

So pure and deep,

In such a short time,

Just doing normal life with you.

How can this ever end?

You came in and changed it all,

Now my life has another soul,

One who I wont let go.